Sizzling hot Quattro is a type of game that has a fruit theme. A game that can be said to be different from other sizzling games. In the sizzling game there is only one game screen while the hot sizzling game Quattro has 4 game screens. The type of game that is easy to spin at the same time to form a symbol of victory.

With 4 screens in one game, gamers must have brilliant tactics to win the sizzling hot Quattro. In 1 screen there are 5 reels and 3 rows because in the hot sizzling game Quattro there are 4 screens so [5×3] x 4 squares in the game. Having many boxes does not mean you will get a lot of value paid.

One screen has 4 game boxes

Viagraonline-edstore – Sizzling hot Quattro has 5 payout values. This game that has many screens provides many unexpected surprises when it comes to winning the game. To be able to get a win, gamers must know the direction of victory in the game symbol. The direction of victory that comes from left to right which is taken diagonally and horizontally will form an unexpected high value.

When you first enter the game, gamers will be presented with 4 full screens with many symbols and several buttons that can be accessed while playing. In the hot sizzling game Quattro there is no such thing as free spins and bonus games. All games will be played only based on lucky values.

games with 4 screens//Fruity

One symbol 2 functions

This type of game that is easy to win will also show fresh game symbols and several other signs such as: stars, number 7, cherries, watermelons, plums, grapes, oranges, and lemons. All these signs will lead you to the path of victory. The star is a sign of scatter and wild.

Stand-alone scatters do not combine game symbols. Having a separate value when getting 3 or more equal signs will get an additional value. But stars can also be wild. Wild will do a combination of symbols and get a value. When you get 4 game screens there is a green sign that indicates the screen can be used.

Changes in the value of the game

But if on 4 screens there is a red color then the screen cannot be used so that only the green screen works. The fewer screens you play, the less chance to win. So try to get all 4 screens green. During the game, gamers will get a lot of value from each symbol that is formed.

This value will be turned into a credit. So the more value, the more credit you can get, but if you continue to play, the amount of credit will also run out quickly. On the bottom left of the screen there is a gamble button. An additional game where gamers can place bets on the gamble. How to play it is also easy, gamers only need to guess the color behind the card.

Additional features

There are black and red colors if the guess is correct then the gamer wins and the value of the bet money will be doubled. So use your luck and get double score as much as possible. The higher the bet value, the higher the coins that will be obtained by gamers in the Sizzling Hot Quattro game. Enjoying the hot sizzling game Quattro gamers can suppress the game automatically.

 The system will turn into a spin on its own so gamers don’t have to press the start button again. Playing with the automatic button will give you a profitable value, it’s just that the value from the manual and automatic will be different.

Hot Seconds

Hot Seconds

When you hear the word detik Hot what comes to your mind, come on? Detik Hot is a news story that provides the latest information that has not existed before in other media. The news in Detik Hot is about artist life, movies, kpop, style, music and more. News from detik hot is not only from Indonesia, but there is news from abroad. For those of you who really like news in the country, social artists and others, then detikhot is perfect for you. Of course the news that is in the hot seconds is definitely the latest news,

Categories in hot seconds are
This category is a category for celebs or artists in the country that are currently popular. If there are your favorite artists who are in the months of netizens or are facing life polemics. You can fall into this category. Or you just want to see information about all the artists then it is very appropriate. Because there are so many series of meaningful names that will come out if you choose the celebs category.

K pop

Viagraonline-edstore – It turns out that hot seconds will not only provide interesting information from homeland artists, but Korean artists.

Of course the news that appears in the music category is great musicians. Whether the news will be a collaboration or even concert tickets will be held at a fantastic price. All movements of the musicians will be recorded in hot seconds.

Movies & TV

This is the part that is often targeted by movie lovers. Because in the hot seconds there are various movie titles that are always newly reported. Of course, those who don’t want to be out of date will always fall into this category. There are still new movies that will always be invaded by anyone, so those of you who don’t want to miss the latest news in movies and tv, keep in mind that only hot seconds always provide this information.

looking for old news made easy//Detik

For the culture category in the form of information, it can be in the form of a painting or the painter. As well as art and cultural information wherever it is. If you are getting an assignment about arts and culture in Indonesia or other countries, you can refer to this category. Because there are so many arts and culture in Indonesia.


In detik Hot, not all news in the form of writing will accompany you, but based on hot photos there will be interesting information. Of course, hot photos are not about vulgar, but photos or digital traces that are recorded to be used as interesting news material.

Access hot seconds via smartphone
Accessing news via smartphone is not difficult. Because you can do it anywhere and anytime. Apart from that you don’t need to have an account atHot Seconds to get popular news. It’s just that you need a stable and sufficient internet quota to get news from detikhot.

It makes no difference if you get hot seconds information via android or ios. Because with anything everything has been adjusted, as it should be. From the hotseconds, it is deliberately easier for readers to access news from anywhere. Because it is known that there are more smartphone users than computer users.

Hot Seconds Index

Looking for information not on the actual day you can do through the index. There you will be given a choice of date and month to find the information you want to get. In any year there will be information that you can get, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore, because all data is still stored by detikhot.