Wheel of ra

Wheel of ra novomatic

Wheel of ra game presented by novomatic. A game that will invite gamers to Egypt to meet the beautiful cat goddess. The nuances of Egypt are so very diverse that gamers can’t resist trying to play new games that novomatic continues to present. The popularity of Egyptian-themed games makes the team continue to develop exciting and interesting Egyptian games.

No need to hesitate to play it because in this Egyptian theme, gamers will meet a beautiful cat goddess. A goddess who guards a special room for the king. Even though they have an egyptian theme there are some slightly different symbols in the game. Has 5 reels and 3 rows in each wheel of ra game screen.

Set bet value

Viagraonline-edstore – Each winning symbol is obtained from the combined symbols and the union of similar symbols. Successfully getting 3 symbols of the same or more will help gamers get a lot of points. Symbol values ​​are taken from left to right and diagonally. Each symbol will give 10 types of wins that will get paid directly from novomatic.

Before starting to play the game wheel of ra gamers first prepare enough value for money to be able to play it. Because the wheel of ra game can only be played using real money. Set the bet value that gamers want by pressing the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the game screen.

give luck through the wheel//victory

Game symbol

The thing that gamers have to understand is the value of the symbols. Each symbol value will not be the same again if the gamer changes the value of the game bet. The higher the value of the bet that gamers place, the higher the value of the symbol that gamers get. So don’t be surprised if gamers find different symbol values. Intrigued by the great Egyptian symbols, gamers can search the game information.

In the information there will be many types of symbols and symbol values ​​that gamers can get easily. available symbols can vary in value. To know what symbols are present in the wheel of ra game are: cat goddess photos, eye wheel symbols, necklaces, goddess tools, black egyptian cats, card symbols and many other egyptian symbols in the wheel of ra game.

Wheel power

The cat goddess is a daughter who has been chosen from the sun god. With the power that the goddess has, she is able to move the wheel of the eye symbol. If gamers have high luck, it can make gamers win easily and get value and treasure from the goddess. The eye wheel will show a win with a high value that gamers can get easily.

 So gamers, let’s pray that the wheel stops where gamers want it. Use your luck and get as many wins as gamers want. No need to wait long to be able to play the game wheel of ra because gamers can directly play with a browser site only.

Unable to download

With any device can open the game. Playing using all these devices does not mean gamers can download games. Any device will not be able to download wheel of ra Hearing this makes many gamers keep playing it without having to download.

Also play additional games that are already on the bottom screen of the game. Win the game and get double value every time you win an additional game.


Pinocchio novomatic

Pinocchio is a children’s story that is fun and also teaches children not to lie. The beginning of the formation of Pinocchio from a wood carver who lives alone does not have a family. Because of loneliness the carpenter also made a doll from a log and shaped it to resemble a human. Seeing the results of his work the carpenter was so happy.

How not happy to live alone and no one to accompany makes the atmosphere feel lonely. The increasing age makes the carpenter grow old. an old man who has no relatives. Seeing the sincerity of grandfather Sangperi also granted grandfather’s request to have a grandson who would accompany him and continue his grandfather’s business.

Don’t like to lie

Viagraonline-edstore – With one move and a spell the wooden doll comes to life. Grandpa who saw it was so happy and gave the name Pinocchio. Almost the whole world knows about Pinocchio’s story, seeing the enthusiasm of teenagers, making the novomatic team develop a game that has beautiful colors full of colors.

Pinocchio’s movements are the same as the story where if he lies his nose will grow. Seeing the form of the game that is so cute makes even professional gamers interested in playing the Pinocchio version of the game. The screen is full of beautiful colors and has 5 reels will take you to where Pinocchio lives.

Long nose

Let’s use gamers’ time to feel the victory that has been provided by novomatic. Because Pinocchio’s acquaintance who likes to lie makes the fairy godmother punish him. The more you lie, the longer your nose will be. Not only lying but Pinocchio is also a very naughty child who likes to trouble his grandfather.

doing good
the power of being human//doing good

Hearing this story, gamers are certainly curious as to what the Pinocchio game developed by Novomatic is like. If you’re curious, let’s visit the pibocchio game and feel the exciting sensation of each symbol such as: Pinocchio, fairy godmother, grandfather, cats, wolves, books, blackboards, and card marks from (9, 10, J, Q, K, Ace) .

2 wilds in 1 game

Each symbol will form a unique and fun value. From left to right the symbols will give gamers a score. From a win obtained from the same symbol or combination. In the Pinicchio game, there are 2 wilds, namely Fairy Godmother and Pinocchio. The main wild is in the fairy godmother who can replace all symbols except for the wooden doll Pinocchio.

The available payout values ​​are unlimited so gamers have many chances to win big. When successful in getting Pinocchio Pinocchio nose will extend and touch the symbol and is given a value. The nose will extend to the left. Only pinocchioa is not tied to the direction of the game.

Enjoy the game on the website

3 scatters in the form of wooden dolls will give 10 free spins. On reels 3, 4, and 5 pinocchio will be present to accompany gamers. In the story Pinocchio will be captured by some bad people to be sold. Seeing Pinocchio’s potential puts the criminal undercover and arrests him. The criminals are cats and wolves who have a chance to make money from cheating and win at selling children.

Very exciting and fun if you still want to play longer gamers can play it for real money. no need to bother looking for exciting games that can be played through your favorite website.

Book of ra temple of gold

Book of ra temple of gold novomatic

This time we will discuss a game that has a golden layer. Novomatic presents a treasure-themed game with a beautiful guide. The presence of a game that gives a lot of surprises on every reel and game symbol. For lovers of the book of ra game, of course, you are familiar with the book of ra temple of gold game series. The type of game that will invite you all on an adventure to a place that has a lot of treasures.

Step into a pyramid filled with gold plating and you’ll be blown away and you won’t be able to bat an eye. This pyramid shape is not a pyramid from Egypt but a pyramid from the Sahara region. A temple to the sun god who still believes in spiritual power. In the book of ra series you will find Indiana jones male guides. But in the game book of ra temple of gold guided by a beautiful woman who has an Indiana appearance.

Victory symbol

Viagraonline-edstore – Looks the same but different. The task this time you must be able to find hidden treasures in the form of gold. Go through all the reels of 5 reels and find wins that are as many as 10 symbol wins. The value of each coin that the gamer gets comes from the same 3 symbols or combination symbols.

The symbols that gamers can find in the game book of ra temple of gold are: female guide, book, gold statue, photo of the sun god, ring symbol, and Ace, Q, K, J and 10 cards. the color of symbols that can give free spins to gamers and the opportunity is very close to winning.

protective golden statue//gold

Number of book selection symbols

Signs that can give free spins are books. In the book of ra temple of gold if gamers get a lot of books then there will be several symbols that are presented by the book and the number is:

– 3 books get 1 symbol

– There are 4 books that bring 2 different or similar signs

– Simbil 5 books present 3 signs.

If the gamer gets 5 books, there will be 3 books that open together to determine what symbols can give the winning value. If the indicated sign appears, it will expand so that gamers get a chance to win.

Chance to win

Presenting a female guide on 5 vertical rolls will show a very amazing video. Video showing a female guide arriving at the pyramid with a gentle breeze. It’s really exciting not playing the book of ra temple of magic game to get an easy win as well as an opportunity that is almost close to a high score.

The book is also not only an activator of free spins but can be a wild that can replace all symbols. The number of free spins that gamers get is 10 free spins. So any symbol that has been selected by the book will expand the reels. If you are lucky, gamers can get a full roll with the sign that has been selected by the book.

To play the book of ra temple of gold game, gamers can try in 2 easy ways. play with demo games or with real money bets. If with a demo game, gamers will know how to play and don’t need to spend money to play it. But when using real money, gamers must place bets carefully and carefully so as not to run out of funds when playing the book of ra temple of gold.

The Last Sundown

Slot Online The Last Sundown PlaynGo

Dalam permainan ini akan ada beberapa simbol yang terbagi menjadi 2 dalam 1 kotak simbol. Tentu saja simbol yang split kemungkina lebih dari 1 simbol dalam 1 putaran. Simbol split pada permainan akan muncul tidak hanya pada permainan dasar saja. Tetapi pada babak free spins juga. Simbol split akan muncul dimana saja dan kepada simbol mana pun. Semakin menarik permainan the last sundown karena babak permainan yang ditawarkan memberikan simbol unik. 

Slot Online The Last Sundown memiliki 3 barisan dan 5 reels yang akan diberikan 18000x dari total bet. Karena gurun telah ada sejak lama, maka dari itu sumber kekayaan di bumi semakin banyak. Tidak ada yang bisa mengendalikan sumber daya alam, sehingga ada seorang panglima kejam yang ingin menguasai daerah tersebut. Sehingga terlihat ada beberapa bangunan besar yang akan dibangun disana dengan tahapan – tahapan yang sudah ada. Tentu saja beberapa orang yang telah menemukan tempat tersebut akan menjaga sangat ketat. Agar tidak ada manusia lain yang dapat masuk kedalam wilayah tersebut. 

Game Slot Online The Last Sundown ada pada permainan begitu cepat sehingga permainan ini dapat membawa bettor kedalam babak permainan lain. Tidak peduli dengan simbol yang muncul namun simbol yang memicu nilai pembayaran akan dibayarkan secara lunas dan langsung. Pastinya ada berbagai simbol yang akan ikut bermain sehingga permainan ini lebih menarik selain dari babak permainananya. Karena simbol yang muncul akan memberikan nilai yang tak terduga dari babak permainan yang ada. 

Free Spins

Viagraonline-edstore – Masuknya kedalam babak free spins akan berbeda dengan permainan lain. Sebab pada kiri slot online akan ada simbol yang muncul didalamnya. Apabila berhasil mengumpulkan simbol yang dituju akan diberikan babak free spins tambahan +3. dalam babak free spins maka simbol yang harus dikoleksi nantinya terdapat berbagai simbol. Saat masuk kedalam babak free spins pasti jumlah free spins yang akan diberikan semakin banyak, yang awalnya dari jumlah 8 free spins. Tetapi pada permainan ini simbol slot online The Last Sundown


Simbol yang memicu nilai pembayaran dari kiri ke kanan yang sejenis akan terbayarkan sesuai ketentuan. Apabila dalam putaran terdapat simbol yang sejenis dan terjadi kombinasi simbol, maka simbol yang terbayarkan ialah simbol dari nilai pembayaran tertinggi. Berikut nilai dan simbol – simbol yang akan ikut bermain didalamnya.

para penembak jitu dan ahli//tembak

Simbol seorang wanita, 3 pria  dan 1 anjing dalam permainan ini akan memberikan nilai pembayaran dari x4.5 hingga x7 dari total bet. Serta ada Simbol – simbol yang akan bermain pada slot online ini ialah senjata api, pistol, kapak, belati dan bom. Dengan 3 simbol sejenis maka akan memicu nilai pembayaran dari x 1.5 hingga x12. Simbol scatter pada permainan ini adalah alat suntik dari rumah sakit. Apabila muncul 3 simbol scatter maka akan diberikan nilai 7.5, 4= 15 dan 5= 75. dengan adanya 3 simbol scatter dalam permainan akan memicu free spins. 

Simbol wild pada perputaran satu ini adalah simbol W. Tanda w apabila muncul 3 simbol sejenis akan diberikan nilai 1.5, 4= 3 dan 5= 7.5. Simbol wild dalam perputaran ini akan diberikan nilai penggali kepada simbol yang terpacu. Simbol wild dalam permainan ini namun tidak bisa  memberikan nilai penggali kepada simbol scatter. 

glamor world

glamor world

Glamor world is a game that shows the sparkle of diamonds and appearance. A glamorous life will certainly cost you a lot. But did you know that you often follow trends without realizing that you have followed the glamorous style. Seeing that many are following the trend, Novomatic makes a game with an interesting theme, namely the glamor world.

So many sparkling diamonds filled the entire wardrobe that you don’t know where to put them. But in the glamor game world, gamers can save it not as an item but turn it into a high fee. Symbols that have a shape like a diamond can make gamers feel at home playing until the morning.

Value position is formed

Viagraonline-edstore – There are 4 symbol reels and 3 lines that are ready to accompany you to play until morning. Symbols in the glamor world game are fruits and some numbers and objects. Symbols that form the same sign or combination of symbols will earn you winning coins. Every time you determine a symbol, you must know where to start to know the symbol will get a value.

Values ​​will be formed from left to right or it can be from right and left. Position starting from the first row to the 3rd row to get game coins. By getting 7 lines of paid value, gamers can win games easily. All symbols come with beautiful diamond strokes such as: star, number 7, woman in white dress, and cherries, plums, watermelons, oranges, lemons, and grapes.

beautiful gems//luxurious

Scatter and free spins

All symbols will show their glow when they appear on the game screen. The glamor world game provides beautiful and beautiful wilds. Wild is present in the woman in white. Can replace any symbol including scatter in the glamor world. Scatter comes in the shape of a star. Because the scatter symbol can combine with wilds, the glamor world game can also lock the screen.

When gamers get the same 3 or more scatters will give free spins. Not only the same symbol but can also collaborate with wild. The number of free spins that gamers will get is 10 or 20 free spins. During the free spins the wild symbol will be locked and wait for another wild symbol to appear.

Beautiful and attractive symbols

Wild will expand to form an image of 1 row every time a wild appears. The wild sign will only stay until the free spins run out so gamers get more coin value when they succeed in doing symbol combinations. The presence of a beautiful woman with a full body wearing a beautiful white dress with a back decoration full of diamonds.

Seeing the game theme, of course, many gamers think that they will get a beautiful and interesting type of symbol. But gamers don’t need to think much because novomatic games always present beautiful and interesting types of symbols so that gamers can play happily. The opportunity to win is getting closer to gamers.

Game settings

The more symbols that are formed, the more coin values ​​gamers will get easily. In playing the glamor world game, there are several options that gamers can set, starting with the language and the value of the game bet. Many languages ​​are listed in the glamor world game and the language that is often used is English.

Not only language, gamers can also determine game bets. Select the bet amount you want. If you are new to joining still in doubt, you can do it with a small bet value first. If the bet manages to get a high value, the gamer can increase the value of the bet that the gamer wants.



Sizzling hot Quattro is a type of game that has a fruit theme. A game that can be said to be different from other sizzling games. In the sizzling game there is only one game screen while the hot sizzling game Quattro has 4 game screens. The type of game that is easy to spin at the same time to form a symbol of victory.

With 4 screens in one game, gamers must have brilliant tactics to win the sizzling hot Quattro. In 1 screen there are 5 reels and 3 rows because in the hot sizzling game Quattro there are 4 screens so [5×3] x 4 squares in the game. Having many boxes does not mean you will get a lot of value paid.

One screen has 4 game boxes

Viagraonline-edstore – Sizzling hot Quattro has 5 payout values. This game that has many screens provides many unexpected surprises when it comes to winning the game. To be able to get a win, gamers must know the direction of victory in the game symbol. The direction of victory that comes from left to right which is taken diagonally and horizontally will form an unexpected high value.

When you first enter the game, gamers will be presented with 4 full screens with many symbols and several buttons that can be accessed while playing. In the hot sizzling game Quattro there is no such thing as free spins and bonus games. All games will be played only based on lucky values.

games with 4 screens//Fruity

One symbol 2 functions

This type of game that is easy to win will also show fresh game symbols and several other signs such as: stars, number 7, cherries, watermelons, plums, grapes, oranges, and lemons. All these signs will lead you to the path of victory. The star is a sign of scatter and wild.

Stand-alone scatters do not combine game symbols. Having a separate value when getting 3 or more equal signs will get an additional value. But stars can also be wild. Wild will do a combination of symbols and get a value. When you get 4 game screens there is a green sign that indicates the screen can be used.

Changes in the value of the game

But if on 4 screens there is a red color then the screen cannot be used so that only the green screen works. The fewer screens you play, the less chance to win. So try to get all 4 screens green. During the game, gamers will get a lot of value from each symbol that is formed.

This value will be turned into a credit. So the more value, the more credit you can get, but if you continue to play, the amount of credit will also run out quickly. On the bottom left of the screen there is a gamble button. An additional game where gamers can place bets on the gamble. How to play it is also easy, gamers only need to guess the color behind the card.

Additional features

There are black and red colors if the guess is correct then the gamer wins and the value of the bet money will be doubled. So use your luck and get double score as much as possible. The higher the bet value, the higher the coins that will be obtained by gamers in the Sizzling Hot Quattro game. Enjoying the hot sizzling game Quattro gamers can suppress the game automatically.

 The system will turn into a spin on its own so gamers don’t have to press the start button again. Playing with the automatic button will give you a profitable value, it’s just that the value from the manual and automatic will be different.

Saba platform

Saba Platform

Saba Platform adalah provider judi online yang dulunya dikenal dengan IBCBET atau Maxbet. Situs judi bola ini terkenal dengan suatu perusahaan igaming yang terbesar di Asia. Tentu saja saba Platform telah memiliki lisensi resmi dari negara filipina. Saat ini saba platform memiliki platform yang lebih canggih sehingga anda yang ingin melakukan taruhan judi online didalamnya akan diberikan fitur permainan judi online yang lebih menarik. Tentunya ada banyak pengalaman terbaik yang akan diberikan kepada anda sebagai bettor dari saba platform.

Dengan tampilan judi online yang saat ini ada pada saba tidak akan sulit pastinya untuk bettor memahami segala bentuk dan maksud dari taruhan judi bola. Fasilitas yang diberikan saba platform ialah memiliki prediksi yang terpercaya pada suatu pertandingan. Sehingga bettor dapat menikmati taruhan dengan mudah dan lebih santai.

Keuntungan yang di dapat situs judi bola

  1. Prediksi kemenangan viagraonline-edstore

Hal yang disukai oleh bettor dari provider saba platform ialah memiliki prediksi skor bola. Tentu saja adanya prediksi anda tidak akan kesulitan dalam memasang nilai taruhan. Dengan adanya prediksi angka kemenangan membuat bettor merasa diuntungkan dan karena itu juga bettor memilih saba platform sebagai situs judi taruhan bola terbaik.

  1. Jenis taruhan lengkap

Diketahui bahwa dalam jenis taruhan sportsbook tidak hanya ada taruhan judi sepak bola saja. Tetapi ada taruhan lainnya seperti ice hockey, badminton, baseball, volly atau bahkan tinju akan muncul pada provider saba platform. Dengan jenis taruhan yang lengkap bettor bisa menambah pengetahuannya akan jenis olahraga. Serta bettor akan bermain sesuai keingingannya dalam jenis taruhan sportsbook. 

  1. Menyediakan Live streaming

Kadang kala bettor tidak hanya ingin melakukan taruhan judi sportsbook dalam angka saja. Melainkan ada yang ingin melihat secara langsung akan permainan dari jenis taruhan yang dilakukan. Memiliki kesenangan tersendiri jika bettor bisa melihat live streaming.

  1. Taruhan Mix parlay Live

Apabila bettor yang melakukan live streaming pastinya anda bisa melakukan taruhan secara live juga. Hal ini sangat menguntungkan sebab hasil perhitungan kemenangan akan terlihat dengan jelas. Dengan begitu tidak ada kecurangan dalam bermain judi online. 

serunya bermain judi bola // bola
  1. Bertaruh dengan mobile

Salah satu keuntungan terbaik jika bermain judi bersama Saba Platform. Sebab anda bukan hanya dapat bermain judi online didepan layar komputer saja. Namun anda yang ingin melakukan taruhan melalui smartphone juga bisa. Dengan smartphone anda bisa melakukan taruhan judi online dimana saja dan kapan saja pastinya lebih simple.

Daftar game

Untuk melakukan taruhan pada salah provider judi online pasti harus memiliki ID atau member. Dengan memiliki ID maka anda bisa melakukan permainan apapun didalamnya.

Cara daftar judi online pada saba platform ialah mengisi formulir pendaftaran. Dengan anda mengisi data diri dengan benar maka anda bisa dengan segera melakukan permainan judi online. Dalam mengisi formulir harusnya tidak ada kesulitan. Tetapi jika muncul kendala dalam melakukan pendaftaran maka anda bisa chat admin untuk dibantu proses pendaftarannya.  Hubungi admin melalui live chat atau chat wa agar anda bisa terhubung. 

Dalam melakukan pendaftaran bettor tidak perlu menunggu waktu yang lama. Sebab hanya dengan waktu kurang lebih 5 menit anda bisa mendapatkan member dengan mudah dan cepat. Tetapi anda harus meletakkan nilai deposit terlebih dahulu agar anda bisa melakukan taruhan judi online. Jadi tunggu apalagi segera saja daftarkan diri anda untuk meraih kemenangan yang tak terduga. 

Slot Abduction

Review Slot Abduction – gamatron

Masuk ke dalam slot Abduction Maka akan nampak suasana hutan yang terlihat sebuah rumah dan perkarangannya. Namun urmah tersebut disinari oleh piringan besar dari ufo. Sehingga terliha jelas dimalam hari yang sepi dan alunan musik yang muncul pada permainan ini sangat memberikan sensasi yang cocok.  Untuk memulai game slot satu ini anda menekan tombol play dan segera semua simbol akan muncul dan berterbangan pada atap rumah. Simbol – simbol yang muncul memicu 3 barisan dengan 5 reels. Untuk memperoleh nilai kemenangan dari simbol yang ada pada Abduction harus muncul dengan simbol sejenis.

Dari posisi ufo ini seperti akan menghisap benda apa pun yang berada dibawahnya seperti rumah yang ditengah hutan ini. Itu sebabnya semua simbol yang muncul ialah simbol yang akan diambil. Pada game online Abduction jika terjadi nilai pembayaran maka akan terjadi pengisian barisan atau reels secara langsung. Bermain slot online Abduction akan memberikan pengalaman yang menarik, tingkat permainan dari slot Abduction ialah medium jadi bettor akan mudah menang.

Slot online Abduction akan memberikan cara bermain hingga 7776 cara bettor mudah menang. Dalam game online Abduction akan diberikan fitur permainan tambahan seperti babak bonus. Pengalaman bermain judi online pada slot Abduction tidak akan memberikan hal yang sulit untuk bettor.  Untuk melakukan perputaran pada game Abduction dalam mencapai kemenangan dengan nilai nyata, lebih baiknya dengan uang asli. 

Simbol game

Viagraonline – Dalam bermain slot online Abduction yang perlu dilakukan dalam memperoleh nilai kemenangan ialah 3 simbol sejenis, namun bettor yang memperoleh maksimal 5 simbol sejenis maka akan diberikan nilai yang tinggi. Simbol yang ada pada Abduction ialah gurita, bayi perempuan, bayi laki-laki, sapi, domba, ayam, tv, mainan anak, pemanggang roti, serangakainan kunci rumah dan bolam.

Pada slot Abduction terdapat simbol wild yang mana adalah simbol batang emas yang tersimpan didalam rumah. Pastinya setiap rumah memiliki simpanan yang berharga seperti emas batangan yang dilakukan pemilik rumah tersebut.  Munculnya simbol wild akan menggantikan semua simbol yang ada kecuali simbol scatter. Simbol wild akan muncul pada reel 2, 3, 4 dan 5.

judi online abduction gamatron// abduction

Simbol scatter pada slot Abduction memiliki 2 varian yaitu power cells dan super cells. Masing – masing simbol scatter akan muncul pada babak permainannya sendiri. Untuk power cells akan muncul pada permainan dasar. Sedangkan untuk super cells akan muncul pada babak free games dan mampu memberikan hadiah untuk babak free games.

Fitur Bonus

Slot Abduction tidak memiliki fitur masuk ke dalam babak bonus dengan mudah. Sehingga anda harus melewatinya berlahan – lahan. Dengan munculnya 3 simbol scatter pada babak awal maka memicu bonus. Masuk kedalam babak bonus maka bettor berhak memperoleh 8 free spins. Tetapi tidak mudah masuk kedalam babak free spin. Pasalnya bettor diminta untuk menggumpulkan power cells untuk membuka kunci.

Saat masuk kedalam babak bonus maka akan muncul reels yang berbeda dari fitur permainan lainnya seperti duplikator, megabeam dan transmuter. Yang perlu anda lakukan dalam masa babak permainan ialah mengikuti alur permainan dan terus melakukan perputaran. Permainan slot Abduction benar – benar akan memberikan pengalaman bermain yang berbeda dari lainnya. Anda akan memiliki informasi tambahan dari bermain judi online. Pastinya peluang menang akan terus meningkat seiring bertambahnya paylines.

Game solar temple

Solar Temple – Playson

Game slot solar temple akan memberikan cahaya yang kemenangan. Dimana simbol matahari memicu pengganda kemenangan. Permainan dari slot solar temple ialah 20 paylines dan bettor akan bermain dengan 5 reels yang telah di sediakan.

Taruhan dengan uang asli

Viagraonline – Bermain slot akan lebih seru jika bermain dengan uang asli. Sehingga bettor yang akan bertaruh dengan nilai minimum bisa dilakukan dengan 250 dan nilai maksimal 500.000. anda yang menemukan slot solar temple dapat bermain dengan menyenangkan pasalnya ada babak permainan selain dari babak awal yaitu free spins.

Simbol – Simbol dan nilai pembayaran game

Nilai tertinggi pada slot solar temple yang akan dibayarkan. Game slot solar temple akan memberikan babak nilai dari setiap simbol sejenis, berikut nilainya :

– Scatter merupakan simbol dari piramid aztec . Muncul 3 scatter memicu 10 free spins. Scatter muncul pada reel 1, 3 dan 5 hanya pada permainan dasar. 

– Matahari akan menjadi bingkai yang menyala pada tanda wild. 

– Wild jika muncul dengan 2 wild memicu nilai 2.000, 3= 20.000, 4= 50.000 dan 5= 200.000. Wild akan menggantikan semua tanda yang ada kecuali scatter.

– Gambar wanita cantik jika muncul dengan 2 wanita cantik memicu nilai 2.000, 3= 20.000, 4= 50.000 dan 5= 200.000 

– Pejuang dengan frame hijau jika muncul dengan 3 pejuang memicu nilai 5.000, 4= 25.000 dan 5= 60.000.

– Pejuang dengan frame merah jika muncul dengan 3 sejenis memicu nilai 5.000, 4= 25.000 dan 5= 60.000.

– Burung jika muncul dengan 3 burung memicu nilai 5.000, 4= 20.000 dan 5= 60.000.

– Singa  jika muncul dengan 3 singa memicu nilai 5.000, 4= 20.000 dan 5= 60.000.

– Kadal  jika muncul dengan 3 kadal memicu nilai 5.000, 4= 20.000 dan 5= 60.000.

– Gambar anjing  jika muncul dengan 3 anjing memicu nilai 5.000, 4= 20.000 dan 5= 60.000.

– Huruf A dan K mempunyai nilai yang sama setiap huruf jika muncul dengan 3 huruf A dan k memicu 2.000, 4= 10.000 dan 5= 30.000.

– Huruf Q , J dan angka 10 mempunyai nilai bayar yang sama jika muncul dengan 3 sejenis setiap tanda memicu 2.000, 4= 10.000 dan 5= 30.000.

Solar temple
Solar temple// Slot online game solar temple
Flaming Frame Fitur

Fitur flaming frames akan aktif selama permainan dasar 10x. Setiap simbol matahari yang masuk kedalam perputaran maka akan mengaktifkan frame yang menyala. Semua frame yang menyala akan berubah menjadi simbol wild. Dengan catatan simbol matahari yang muncul pada reel akan membentu frame yang menyala terlebih dahulu setelahnya mencari simbol kemenangan dan di ikuti oleh simbol wild yang akan berubah.

Pengganda kemenangan

Selama permainan dasar ada ada simbol matahari yang dapat memberikan nilai pengganda yang progresif. Saat simbol matahari muncul pada perputaran maka pengganda akan meningkat 1x. Pengganda akan diberikan setiap kemenangan perputaran. 

Free Spins dalam game solar temple

3 simbol scatter yang sejenis memicu babak free spins. Ketika simbol matahari muncul pada perputaran selama free spins akan berubah menjadi simbol wild. Simbol wild akan berhenti pada barisannya sehingga nantinya akan ada banyak simbol wild. Babak free spins dapat dipicu kembali.