How to Dropship on Shopee

How to Dropship on Shopee

How to Dropship on Shopee

Currently, there are many people who are engaged in selling online, especially when it is known that selling on Shopee does not need to hoard goods. Selling a product without knowing what to sell is certainly different and quite worrying. Because we as sellers do not know what customers want. Besides that, there must be competitors who provide very cheap prices, including the dropship method on Shopee

However, with dropshipping, you no longer need to worry about making sales. With dropship, you only need to find a reliable supplier. Because by having a trusted supplier, consumers will not be disappointed. Not a few people find it difficult to find a reliable supplier on shopee. Here’s how to easily find suppliers on shopee like

1.Products for sale

Viagraonline – The first thing you have to do is to find a supplier is to look for the product first. Decide what products you will sell.

2. Most sales

If you have determined what product you are going to sell, you will see various store names that will appear. If you see a store that sells the product you are looking for more than other stores, of course that store can be your supplier and it is guaranteed safe because it is through the Shopee application as well.

3.Competitive price by using the dropship method on shopee

Behind the name of the shop that appears, there must be a price choice. If you have found several stores with a lot of sales among all the choices, then you can research the price. Because choosing a low price from a supplier will benefit you. But make sure the cheap price you take is not during a promotion, but a fixed price from sales.

guaranteed cheap prices from suppliers//Dropship

After you have determined all the steps you are looking for from the supplier, it is time for you to do your job as a dropshipper. Because you are a dropshipper at shopee, the things you do are

1.Open a Shop

Even if you only dropship, of course you must have a shop. By opening a shop at Shopee, everyone knows that you are a professional and trusted seller.

2.Upload Stock

Surely buyers will visit your store through the images you have. Provide attractive and real product photos to make your customers more confident.


To write a description for dropship, of course you are blind, so you only need to copy and paste. By copying and pasting from the supplier you are after, it will be faster to finish uploading goods in the store.

4. Arrange Delivery Service

At shopee there are lots of shipping services that you have to choose, if you want to have all the shipping services then you just need to open them. So when going to dropship you only need to follow the directions from the supplier.


In dropshipping, promotion is actually not really recommended, but everything goes back to the shop owner.

When an order occurs with your position as a dropshipper, of course there is no need to worry. Because the method is very easy, namely

1. When there are buyers who are going to shop at your store, make sure you change all addresses and phone numbers as the names of your buyers.

2. After that you select the product to be purchased and make sure you have checked out in the basket.

3. Make sure all the items to be purchased have been selected correctly. Next, don’t forget to select Dropshipper and you have to check it.

It’s very easy not to sell on shopee as a dropshipper. Now you just have to try good luck.