glamor world

glamor world

Glamor world is a game that shows the sparkle of diamonds and appearance. A glamorous life will certainly cost you a lot. But did you know that you often follow trends without realizing that you have followed the glamorous style. Seeing that many are following the trend, Novomatic makes a game with an interesting theme, namely the glamor world.

So many sparkling diamonds filled the entire wardrobe that you don’t know where to put them. But in the glamor game world, gamers can save it not as an item but turn it into a high fee. Symbols that have a shape like a diamond can make gamers feel at home playing until the morning.

Value position is formed

Viagraonline-edstore – There are 4 symbol reels and 3 lines that are ready to accompany you to play until morning. Symbols in the glamor world game are fruits and some numbers and objects. Symbols that form the same sign or combination of symbols will earn you winning coins. Every time you determine a symbol, you must know where to start to know the symbol will get a value.

Values ​​will be formed from left to right or it can be from right and left. Position starting from the first row to the 3rd row to get game coins. By getting 7 lines of paid value, gamers can win games easily. All symbols come with beautiful diamond strokes such as: star, number 7, woman in white dress, and cherries, plums, watermelons, oranges, lemons, and grapes.

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Scatter and free spins

All symbols will show their glow when they appear on the game screen. The glamor world game provides beautiful and beautiful wilds. Wild is present in the woman in white. Can replace any symbol including scatter in the glamor world. Scatter comes in the shape of a star. Because the scatter symbol can combine with wilds, the glamor world game can also lock the screen.

When gamers get the same 3 or more scatters will give free spins. Not only the same symbol but can also collaborate with wild. The number of free spins that gamers will get is 10 or 20 free spins. During the free spins the wild symbol will be locked and wait for another wild symbol to appear.

Beautiful and attractive symbols

Wild will expand to form an image of 1 row every time a wild appears. The wild sign will only stay until the free spins run out so gamers get more coin value when they succeed in doing symbol combinations. The presence of a beautiful woman with a full body wearing a beautiful white dress with a back decoration full of diamonds.

Seeing the game theme, of course, many gamers think that they will get a beautiful and interesting type of symbol. But gamers don’t need to think much because novomatic games always present beautiful and interesting types of symbols so that gamers can play happily. The opportunity to win is getting closer to gamers.

Game settings

The more symbols that are formed, the more coin values ​​gamers will get easily. In playing the glamor world game, there are several options that gamers can set, starting with the language and the value of the game bet. Many languages ​​are listed in the glamor world game and the language that is often used is English.

Not only language, gamers can also determine game bets. Select the bet amount you want. If you are new to joining still in doubt, you can do it with a small bet value first. If the bet manages to get a high value, the gamer can increase the value of the bet that the gamer wants.