Sizzling hot Quattro is a type of game that has a fruit theme. A game that can be said to be different from other sizzling games. In the sizzling game there is only one game screen while the hot sizzling game Quattro has 4 game screens. The type of game that is easy to spin at the same time to form a symbol of victory.

With 4 screens in one game, gamers must have brilliant tactics to win the sizzling hot Quattro. In 1 screen there are 5 reels and 3 rows because in the hot sizzling game Quattro there are 4 screens so [5×3] x 4 squares in the game. Having many boxes does not mean you will get a lot of value paid.

One screen has 4 game boxes

Viagraonline-edstore – Sizzling hot Quattro has 5 payout values. This game that has many screens provides many unexpected surprises when it comes to winning the game. To be able to get a win, gamers must know the direction of victory in the game symbol. The direction of victory that comes from left to right which is taken diagonally and horizontally will form an unexpected high value.

When you first enter the game, gamers will be presented with 4 full screens with many symbols and several buttons that can be accessed while playing. In the hot sizzling game Quattro there is no such thing as free spins and bonus games. All games will be played only based on lucky values.

games with 4 screens//Fruity

One symbol 2 functions

This type of game that is easy to win will also show fresh game symbols and several other signs such as: stars, number 7, cherries, watermelons, plums, grapes, oranges, and lemons. All these signs will lead you to the path of victory. The star is a sign of scatter and wild.

Stand-alone scatters do not combine game symbols. Having a separate value when getting 3 or more equal signs will get an additional value. But stars can also be wild. Wild will do a combination of symbols and get a value. When you get 4 game screens there is a green sign that indicates the screen can be used.

Changes in the value of the game

But if on 4 screens there is a red color then the screen cannot be used so that only the green screen works. The fewer screens you play, the less chance to win. So try to get all 4 screens green. During the game, gamers will get a lot of value from each symbol that is formed.

This value will be turned into a credit. So the more value, the more credit you can get, but if you continue to play, the amount of credit will also run out quickly. On the bottom left of the screen there is a gamble button. An additional game where gamers can place bets on the gamble. How to play it is also easy, gamers only need to guess the color behind the card.

Additional features

There are black and red colors if the guess is correct then the gamer wins and the value of the bet money will be doubled. So use your luck and get double score as much as possible. The higher the bet value, the higher the coins that will be obtained by gamers in the Sizzling Hot Quattro game. Enjoying the hot sizzling game Quattro gamers can suppress the game automatically.

 The system will turn into a spin on its own so gamers don’t have to press the start button again. Playing with the automatic button will give you a profitable value, it’s just that the value from the manual and automatic will be different.