Pinocchio novomatic

Pinocchio is a children’s story that is fun and also teaches children not to lie. The beginning of the formation of Pinocchio from a wood carver who lives alone does not have a family. Because of loneliness the carpenter also made a doll from a log and shaped it to resemble a human. Seeing the results of his work the carpenter was so happy.

How not happy to live alone and no one to accompany makes the atmosphere feel lonely. The increasing age makes the carpenter grow old. an old man who has no relatives. Seeing the sincerity of grandfather Sangperi also granted grandfather’s request to have a grandson who would accompany him and continue his grandfather’s business.

Don’t like to lie

Viagraonline-edstore – With one move and a spell the wooden doll comes to life. Grandpa who saw it was so happy and gave the name Pinocchio. Almost the whole world knows about Pinocchio’s story, seeing the enthusiasm of teenagers, making the novomatic team develop a game that has beautiful colors full of colors.

Pinocchio’s movements are the same as the story where if he lies his nose will grow. Seeing the form of the game that is so cute makes even professional gamers interested in playing the Pinocchio version of the game. The screen is full of beautiful colors and has 5 reels will take you to where Pinocchio lives.

Long nose

Let’s use gamers’ time to feel the victory that has been provided by novomatic. Because Pinocchio’s acquaintance who likes to lie makes the fairy godmother punish him. The more you lie, the longer your nose will be. Not only lying but Pinocchio is also a very naughty child who likes to trouble his grandfather.

doing good
the power of being human//doing good

Hearing this story, gamers are certainly curious as to what the Pinocchio game developed by Novomatic is like. If you’re curious, let’s visit the pibocchio game and feel the exciting sensation of each symbol such as: Pinocchio, fairy godmother, grandfather, cats, wolves, books, blackboards, and card marks from (9, 10, J, Q, K, Ace) .

2 wilds in 1 game

Each symbol will form a unique and fun value. From left to right the symbols will give gamers a score. From a win obtained from the same symbol or combination. In the Pinicchio game, there are 2 wilds, namely Fairy Godmother and Pinocchio. The main wild is in the fairy godmother who can replace all symbols except for the wooden doll Pinocchio.

The available payout values ​​are unlimited so gamers have many chances to win big. When successful in getting Pinocchio Pinocchio nose will extend and touch the symbol and is given a value. The nose will extend to the left. Only pinocchioa is not tied to the direction of the game.

Enjoy the game on the website

3 scatters in the form of wooden dolls will give 10 free spins. On reels 3, 4, and 5 pinocchio will be present to accompany gamers. In the story Pinocchio will be captured by some bad people to be sold. Seeing Pinocchio’s potential puts the criminal undercover and arrests him. The criminals are cats and wolves who have a chance to make money from cheating and win at selling children.

Very exciting and fun if you still want to play longer gamers can play it for real money. no need to bother looking for exciting games that can be played through your favorite website.